We are flexible, adaptable and open-minded to your needs. Please give us a call with anything you need. We also offer motorisation, bespoke design for school, canopies, awnings and disposable blind for the NHS. Whatever you need, we will deliver.


Our roller blinds are durable, flexible and aesthetically attractive. Our high performance fabrics in combination with robust and reliable roller systems are the ideal solution for commercial installations including in a work office or school. All fabrics are flame retardant and are supplied with full solar and optical performance data. All of our blind systems are made in the UK using high quality materials and are available in many different sizes and styles to satisfy all window types. Fabrics include dim-out, black-out, solar reflective, heat control, sun-screen and solar film. Roller blinds can be manufactured to suit your individual requirements with either side wind cords or spring, and are a unique way to transform your commercial space.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are really effective when you are looking to cover a large opening as they are a very functional window covering.
They make terrific side blinds for a conservatory and you can totally control your level of privacy whilst still allowing in light.

Traditional vertical blinds: terrific for sizeable windows, French doors or conservatories. An inexpensive way to control light and privacy to any room.

Vertical blinds can be customised by density and colour to give a really individual finish as they are available to buy in a extremely extensive selection of attractive fabrics, textiles and cloths

Venetian Blinds

They are very light to manoeuver and come in a range of slat sizes to offer you the look you want for your décor. Operation of the blind is light and straight forward and is achieved using a combination of the ’tilt control wand’ and the lift and lower ‘pull cords’, giving you the ability to adjust the slats to provide the right light conditions. Venetians offer you an elegant and attractive window covering solution.

Venitians are available for sale in an extensive colours

Awnings and Canopies

Awnings are a practical way to generate a shady place to sit and relax in your garden without getting burned by the sun or soaked by the rain.

They are available in a considerable range of designs, patterns, stripes and colours.
Awnings are made available in motorized formats or manually operated. They let you take charge of the weather on your patio or terrace – in less than a minute your awning can be retracted/detracted as desired.

Window Film

Our expert team specialises in the design, supply and installation of glass manifestation to help you ensure that you comply with Health and Safety Legislation. We able to supply and fit a range of window films to combat a number of glass related issues; from solar films to avoid excess heat, security, bomb-blast and safety films for added protection, to privacy films and frosted window films.

All our films are available in a range of finishes and grades.