Where do we deliver?

Even though we are based in the South East, we travel all over the country and fit the blinds ourselves. We show you how to work your blinds, and if there are any issues with them we will send a representative to come and fix it. Nothing is too much trouble.

Who does the installation?

Once you get in touch, an I Design Blinds representative will
guide you through the process. From advising you based on your requirements, through to a free quote, to the final stage of professional installation service, we will come and install all blinds in your premise.

Are I Design Blinds Child Safe?

In line with the current legislation, I Design Blinds has tested all relevant products to ensure we are compliant with the Child Safety Requirements of BS En13120.
All I Design Blinds are equipped with a relevant safety device and safety information.

Are I Design Blinds fire safe?

All our fabrics are certified flame retardant, conforming with M1 or B1 and DIN 4102-1 standard, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Cloth Swap

We work with the cloth swap guarantee – if you want to change the blind later down the line, we will swap it with a brand new blind for half the price.
Made In UK. No middle Man. The more you order the bigger the discount.

Versatile and Multi-Functional

All our blinds are versatile and multi-functional for your needs, if you want a logo printed on your blinds we can do that, or if you want a bespoke design, we are happy to do this for you too. For example, you can have an educational blind together with a window blind in one product.


Only the best components are used in the manufacture of I Design Blinds. Robust aluminium tubes and top quality fabrics, washable with mild detergent, keeping Blinds cleaner and lasting longer.


Our blinds can be bespoke and printed with colourful and engaging designs for young children or children learning new topics such as the alphabet or simple mathematic equations.